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Walker’s Drug Store

Walkers Drugs is the pharmacy that puts its customers first. We created our new store with people in mind and it’s because of our loyal customers that we have the opportunity expand our reach to the greater Charlotte area. We found that there were too many gaps amongst the chaos of healthcare and have decided to change the way people interact with their pharmacy. We are dedicated to helping our customers, post-hospital visit or doctors appointment, readjust to their lives at home.




As a pharmacy, we are determined to providing the most professional and efficient service and products that are available. We do that by accepting most forms of insurance while also being flexible when it comes to pricing.


What makes Walkers Drug unique is our compounding ability when it comes to picking up prescriptions. Through compounding, we can create alternative forms of a product that already exists, if that product is not readily available.


Walkers Drugs seeks to provide the most professional and efficient services there is in the pharmaceutical industry. That is why we find it imperative to make sure our customers receive their medicine on time.

Post Office

Walker’s Drugs new location also has a full post office inside; giving us the ability to ship your medication anywhere within the United States. If you need your medication shipped to you, just let us know!

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Your Pharmacist

walkers drug store charlotte pharmacist

It’s true that there are many reasons not to get the flu shot but none of them are very good. The bottom line is the benefits almost always outweigh any negatives. The most vulnerable patients are the elderly, school age children, pregnant women and those with chronic disease states. However, because it is an airborne virus we all are susceptible.

At Walker’s Drug we will be glad to assist you in getting the flu vaccine. We can give the flu vaccine to anyone 14 and older and if we get enough request for those under 14 we will get a nurse to come in to administer the vaccine for that age group as well. You don’t need an appointment and it is quick and easy. Those over 65 can ask us about Pneumonia vaccine as well.

Jeff Lemelin




The year was 1918 to be exact...

…and the man behind the namesake is none other than Mr. Walker himself – Theodore A. Walker, Rph. T.A. Walker lived most of his adult life as a leg amputee as a result of a terrible motorcycle accident. Nevertheless, this handicap did not deter T.A. Walker’s aspiration of opening his own independent pharmacy with a greater emphasis on personal service and individual well-being.

After 18 years of...

…faithfully adhering to that philosophy, T.A. Walker sold Walker’s Drug Store in 1936 to Herman Klein and Elmer Reeves, Rph.



In 1970...

…Walker’s Drug Store was purchased by Dan Lemelin and A. Artemes. The ensuing 29 years, they diligently continued to promote our long-standing belief that people are more important than pennies.

Jeff Lemelin, Rph...

…son of Dan Lemelin, took over for Artemes in 1999, and together, father and son, they would be witness and contributors to the Walker’s tradition as the community around them continued to flourish.

In 2005, Dan Lemelin officially “retired,” after more than 35 years of tirelessly carrying on T.A. Walker’s legacy – a legacy that would be passed down to Nathan Ikner, Rph., that same year.




Fast and friendly service

Fast, friendly service, Personalized attention, Expert pharmacy staff, Wellness Center Medication compounding – Medication flavoring – Medication application – Hormone Treatment

Your personalized pharmacy

Fast, friendly service, Personalized attention, Expert pharmacy staff, Wellness Center Medication compounding – Medication flavoring – Medication application – Hormone Treatment